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Who We Are

Brewed to do Good

#BrewedToDoGood was a nonprofit funding initiative out of Cafe Indigo. All coffee sales were used for our youth and literacy outreach programs.

Getting involved was as easy as ordering a cup of coffee. You helped fund a whole host of events for this community over the past twelve years.


Here are some of the things you did...


...for kids:

Saturday morning Bilingual Story Times

IndiExplore the second Friday of each month

Author Experiences

Peace Camps

English Story Times 

Drag Queen Story Hours

Just for Fun Celebrations

Summer Reading Camps


...for community education:

Gun Safety Panel

Voter Information: Death Penalty

Inclusive Feminisms Discussion Series

Talking About the Birds & the Bees


...for fellowship:

Cake & Death Parlors

Game Nights with GameSchool Project

LGBTQ+ Name Change Class & Clinic

Great Conversations Series

Community Fundraisers and Book Drives

Healing, Mental Health, & Self Care


...for the Arts:

Local Musicians

First Friday Music & Artists on the Edge

Jamie Mortara Poetry Reading & Workshop

Louder Than A Bomb: Youth Poetry Showcases

Colonel Mustard House Summer Theatre: Gods of the Prairie


...for Authors:

Author Events

Book Launches



World Events Reporting


David Sedaris Visits


...for the Environment:

Sustainable Cycles: Cycling to Raise Awareness

Mountain Top Removal: True Cost of Coal

Keystone XL Pipeline Letter Writing Campaign

Ecological Footprint: Tread Lightly

Environmental Activism Panel


...for a better future:

Subversive Minds: A Month Long Discussion on Social Movements

Michael Brown's America: Ferguson, Racial Justice, and Reaching Across Color Lines

Voices of Change: Gender Equality Worldwide 

IndiFilms: Race, Power, & Privilege

Immigration Series


We worked with existing city and school programs to promote literacy, provide low-cost youth events year round and enrich the lives of Lincoln children. All while serving as an educational resource for local, national, and global issues. Thank you, Lincoln, for letting us do this work.