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Thank you for thinking of Indigo Bridge for your event. As a small, independent bookstore and community organization, one of our goals is to host quality events that are in line with our mission statement.

We receive several event requests each week and we make our decision based on two metrics. First, we consider how well the event meshes with our current community projects and mission. Second, we consider the event’s draw, potential sales, and purchase terms. In order to help us better determine if your event is a good fit for our community and store, please answer the following points in an email to

  1. Briefly describe your book and/or your event idea.
  2. How extensive is your network of personal contacts in our region?
  3. What types of area groups or organizations would this event appeal to?
  4. How many events of this type have you done in our area?  Please list where and when the events took place.
  5. What are the publishing date, retail cost, name of publisher, ISBN, and discount offered on the book?  Typically we expect at least 40% discount and that all sales will be through Indigo Bridge.
  6. Are you planning to promote this event?  If so, through what avenues?
  7. Please list any social media handles you would like us to use in our promotion efforts.

We do not charge fees for author or book events because we expect sales of the book to cover our costs. These costs include staff to process, set-up and work the event, shipping product to/from location, marketing and promotion and event space.

We request at least six weeks advanced notice for projects, so that we can give each event an adequate amount of planning, energy and preparation. We want it to be a positive experience for authors, our community, and our store.