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The Light Between Worlds

The Light Between Worlds

THIS BOOK WAS SO INCREDIBLE. I've been raving about it for MONTHS and you're so lucky that it's finally available! Okay, so you're the lucky kid who gets whisked off to a magical world like Narnia. You and your siblings spend years there, becoming kings and queens, ruling the land, learning about truth and love and magic. And wake up. And you're back in the "real" world, and you're a child again, and you suddenly have to face the conflict of real vs. imaginary -- but who's to say whose world IS the real world, and which way do you decide? This book is simply spellbinding, exquisite, and heartbreaking; lush imagery interspersed with perfectly eerie Romantic poetry and characters you LOVE and want everything to work out for, but life is cold and bittersweet even at the best of times. CANNOT RECOMMEND HIGHLY ENOUGH.

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