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JULY 30, 2017

Eating Animals

By Cooper

Author: Jonathan Safran Foer
Publisher: Back Bay Books
Publication Date: September 1, 2010
Genre: Animal Rights

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Human beings make choices every day, one of those being what food to consume. I spent a large amount of my life not even questioning what food I was putting in my body. I would eat whatever I wanted, whenever I felt like it.  Reading Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer was an emotional and very personal experience. Foer’s writing-style was very sarcastic, and at times, invoked strong feelings of self-shame and doubt. At first I was angered with the author’s several rhetorical decisions that led me to question myself and what I valued, but after awhile, I realized that this was exactly his point, and that everyone should know how their meat gets from factory to table.

The biggest takeaway I have from the book is actually one of the first things Foer set out to try to understand: why do we eat some animals and not others? Shouldn’t we eat all animals or none?  This sounds ridiculous at first, as we try to understand why our pet cat isn’t food but we will eat a burger without even blinking, but after awhile it starts to make more sense.  With this in mind, I read the entire book, hoping I wouldn’t find any information that convinced me to give up meat, but alas, I did.  Evidence kept adding up, and I found myself more sad and disgusted as I went on.

It should be noted that I know a lot of people who have read this book and have not stopped eating meat, so don’t avoid this book if you think it will force you to do so!  I truly believe that it is important that ALL people, meat eaters and vegetarians, know where their food is coming from, and this book does exactly that.

I highly recommend it for anyone and everyone!